Corporate Cleaning

As a business professional, you likely don’t have time to consider all the details of your office cleaning services. We know how important your clients’ first impressions are, so our professional cleaners go above and beyond our regular trash removal and floor cleaning services to ensure a clean, professional atmosphere.

Site Cleaning

You build, Brenian cleans! Don’t fear building or reconstructing your offices or homes;we will clean all dust and the surroundings for you. .

Water Distribution

Clean water distribution is one of the many ventures we engage in. We deliver clean water in all quantities to both offices and residential homes. We understand the sensitivity of water and that is why the onus of choosing your preferred brand is on you.

Pest Control and Fumigation

Your convenience and protection is our priority. We offer the best pest control in Kenya and complete pest extermination services, guaranteed and hassle-free.

Residential Cleaning

A professional house cleaning from Brenian means that each room in your house receives the attention it deserves. All home cleanings have an extensive checklist to ensure every detail, crack and crevice of your home sparkles. Here’s a closer look at our residential cleaning process for these important rooms of your home.

Garbage Cleaning

We share this community with you, so we have a great desire to accommodate your waste disposal needs and to meet the sanitation needs of the community. We collect Business waste,home waste and it’s done on a weekly basis.


Soap quality and choice at most times determines the kind of job outcome. We recommend the best soaps for given works and do delivery of chosen soaps both to offices and residential quarters

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